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There are several accommodations that incorporate technology that teachers can provide students with health impairments to make accessing the curriculum easier.

One easy to implement accommodation would be to audiotape or videotape your class period or lectures.

During work times, these students form groups and during unstructured times, they cluster to visit.

By early adolescence, the child's need for social interaction and being a part of the group is very strong.

He is very understanding, helpful, and will stay after class to answer any question/concerns you may have. very understanding, and cares about each student's sucess. I was pregnant and had a very difficult pregnancy; thank God I had Dr.

He goes over test review with you and there are no surprises, if you study the study guide you will pass his exams.

These health impairments can cause students to not be able to perform tasks in the classroom like working on a computer or using science lab equipment.

For classroom activities, students may need assistance, alternate assignments, extended time, or alternate settings to complete those assignments.

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