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Craigslist has shut down its controversial "Adult Services" section -- by replacing the link to that section with the word "censored" written in bold letters on a black background, as you can see for yourself by clicking to its flagship San Francisco website.

Craigslist is the online classified ads service, launched in 1995 by entrepreneur Craig Newmark.

Tech Crunch first reported the move by Craigslist late Friday night. Craiglist last year removed the "erotic services" section of its site and replaced it with a fee-based adult category manually screened by site employees.

Craigslist "Personals" section featuring dating classified ads remains accessible. ET: Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, one of the attorneys general who pressed for the change, said in a statement that he welcomed the change and was trying to verify Craigslist's official policy going forward, according to the Associated Press.

And you can score some fantastic deals if you know how to search and bid correctly.

With these power tools, the defenses of Craigslist have been overrun. But that's the "for sale" section, and the spammers seem to be concentrating on the personals and services. I did a few unique term searches on random personals (my favorite at the moment is "no murderers please! Clearly, there's a war on, and there have been casualties on both sides.

Some categories on Craigslist have become over 90% spam. Posting in some categories now requires a callback phone call, with a password sent to the user either by voice or as an SMS message. I was curious about this, so I delved into the local personals section in what I guessed to be the most popular category. Even if the spammers aren't winning, every inch they gain further undermines the community's trust in Craigslist and devalues everyone's participation.

It's really not that hard to write a script that tells the user, "hey, 98% of the characters in your title are capitalized. " Spam, spam, and more spam Craigslist has a couple of spam prevention methods in place to prevent people from posting things they shouldn't.

These methods range from ineffective to excessive, with nothing in between.

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