Dating in century village

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Although to their deaths they never admitted it to me, my parents were card-carrying Communists. I marched against the war in Vietnam and took as gospel the beliefs I was raised with, beliefs that now seem quaint: human beings are basically good; if the people, not Capitalists, owned the means of production, poverty would disappear; economic equality can cure all social ills.

Misguided and dangerous though Communism was as it actually played out, the passion for social justice and compassion for working people that the idea represented was not.

After his wife died, an 85-year-old Pembroke Pines man placed his profile on an online dating site to find companionship.

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I realized I’d rather be ruled by Richard Nixon than by the kids in the Weather tent. What’s more, my generation of leftists had splintered into identity groups, each defending its turf with more arrogant political correctness than my die-hard Stalinist parents’—without any unifying vision of a just and compassionate society.In the nine months she has lived here, she has learned some of the drawbacks of being a baby boomer among the very old. And her building’s resident representative had been hard to find after going into rehab for a back injury. The prices in these large retirement communities are not low because the properties have deteriorated since they were built in the 1970s and ’80s. But they hold little appeal to most baby boomers, who never imagined hanging out in the same sprawling retirement complexes that attracted their parents to come here. The bus is often delayed — walkers slow people getting on and off. She bought her two-bedroom condo for cash — ,900. One in Kings Point, a similar retirement community in nearby Delray Beach, sold for ,000, according to the listings.“When I got an email about a Move On meeting in my area I was surprised at the address: Century Village in Deerfield Beach.I got to my parents old stomping grounds to discover a new generation of old lefties—red diaper babies like me who had inherited their parents’ condos and their parents’ politics.

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