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Previously mentioned i Cam is undoubtedly the simplest of the bunch, and at only $US5, it's a steal for how many features it gives you.

Set up i Cam with any webcam and you can view an ongoing stream from your i Phone, Android phone, or even a web browser.

It can also send a push notification to your phone whenever it detects motion, and take a number of quick snapshots so you can see what was moving around.

The best part about i Cam is that it couldn't be simpler to set up.

We've heard of Jeeps hacked by attackers able to control braking systems, Io T devices with obsolete firmware that can be easily compromised by a remote hacker, and routers placed at risk should you fall for a phishing campaign.

Reinstall Camfrog and when your firewall asks you if it may access the Internet, press "Yes".If someone sends you a rude IM, choose "Give Bad Feedback" under the Camfrog menu in the IM window.If this user gets several bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a variable period of time. If you are on a narrowband connection, try not opening so many video windows. Are you sure the person you are trying to view doesn't have their video paused? If you an antivairus or firewall then add Camfrog to the "allow" list.Shodan, while potentially a dangerous tool, is also the absolute example of what can happen when devices with lax security enter our daily lives. A quick scan either through paid or free membership using terms such as port:554 has_screenshot:true reveals cameras installed in places ranging from car parks in Japan to bars in France, private lounges in Korea to rabbit cages in Germany.As reported by Ars Technica, you can use the vulnerable cam feed to find everything from "marijuana plantations, back rooms of banks, children, kitchens, living rooms, garages, front gardens, back gardens, ski slopes, swimming pools, colleges and schools, laboratories, and cash register cameras in retail stores." Once you've gotten over contemplating the decor choices of citizens in countries including the UK, US and Russia, you begin to realize being able to snoop in bedrooms, kitchens, garages, lounges and gardens has a far darker side than fleeting amusement.

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