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It turns out that some people feel as though the stacks are “creepy” or “why would you actually think it’s a good idea to hit on me in a dark labyrinth where someone was literally murdered,” and even “leave me alone I’m trying to study for a test you creep.” While on paper the stacks have all the makings of a great spot to find a partner, the reality is quite different.

Standing Next to the Willard Preacher Despite the fact that there is something inherently erotic about the Preacher telling you that your post-date copulation will lead to you burning in hell with fire and brimstone and all that, there’s something about the preacher’s spot that just doesn’t work. Maybe potential dates just don’t like the sweet sound of that man’s voice, but no matter what it is, this spot just didn’t get our staffers a date — avoid at all costs. Think about it: the laundry is dirty, it gets wet, then it gets really hot rolling around with the rest of the laundry, and at the end it smells really good, which is why everyone loves freshly clean laundry.

We set out with the intention of finding the best spots in State College to find a willing partner for your V-day, but had no such luck.

In fact, our luck was so bad, we ended up finding some of the worst spots to find a date.

Call us if you need some straw during the season or live in the Orleans area and have straw to sell. As a result, we understand the product that dairymen request for their herds’ nutrition.

Presently, I teach technology in the public school system.

Last year, we showed you the best spots in State College to go on a date.

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